Bollipoo aus Glattfelden

We are extremely satisfied with dogcare service!

Neysha is very competent and responsible dog sitter. Our Bollipoo Aiko (2yrs. Old/6kg) loves going to her home every week. She picks him up and drops him off punctually every Monday. He has a wonderful time playing with her Labradors all day long and Neysha always watches to make sure Aiko is safe and separates them if things get to rough. Her home is a paradise for a dog- with a wonderful garden for them to run around in, a separate sleeping room for the doggy naps and a training room. One thing that I really appreciate is that she takes the dogs for long walks in the woods, in fields, etc. They are always experiencing something new and reliving the ‘pack life’, that dogs so yearn to have, but most do not. I can only recommend Neysha as a dogsitter!

– Heather