About Loving Dogs – Doggy Day Care

At Loving dogs, we know that your pet is a precious part of the family and you are concerned about their wellbeing when you can’t be there. If you are looking for an exclusive day-care for your sweethearts where they can feel comfortable around the house like they would be at home, then Loving dogs should be your first choice.

We are experts:

  • 30 Years of dog sitting experience
  • Over 10 years of Nutritional/Health research
  • Understanding the personalities and psychology of dogs because of years volunteering at different shelters in many parts of the world

Dogs left alone for longer periods of time tend to suffer from boredom and separation anxiety. We open our home to your darling where he or she will have monitored play time, fun, mental and physical stimulation making his or her day much more fulfilled than staying home alone and bored. Every room in the house including the main bedroom is set up with orthopaedic dog mats, sofas and beds so that your furry loved ones can choose a place to feel at home. 

Besides, we offer:

  • Personalized care for age, breed, and personalities
  • Peace of mind knowing your canine is in loving hands
  • Our van has been specially designed to ensure the safest and most comfortable ride for dogs as we go on our walks
  • High quality dog treats and night snacks

Additional benefits:

  • 500m2 fenced backyard
  • beautiful countryside
  • long walks
  • Qualified Nutritionist for dietary requirements

Dogs can move freely throughout the entire house and backyard. Situated just minutes away from Zürich our house is in the beautiful countryside in Bülach, with plenty of room to run. Our day consists of long walks through fields and woods with plenty time for play and rest. We are certified nutritionists and will be happy to provide you with guidance and support to ensure that your dogs diet will allow for them to thrive.

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of service to every dog entrusted to our care.   We only take in a group of very friendly dogs and are therefore able to provide personalized services to meet your and, most importantly, your pet’s needs. When it comes to building a strong relationship, we believe that stability is extremely important for both pets and their owners.   

We believe that each animal is special and have created an environment where your pet will receive personalized care based on age, breed, medical needs, and behavioural traits.  Providing a loving, fun, and safe environment for all is our highest priority.

We can’t wait for you to come visit us! 

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