About Neysha

Neysha Dias, Owner

I was born in Mumbai, India, in 1976. As a child I had the privilege to grow up in different countries and attended school in the UK, USA and completed my education in an international boarding school in India before coming to Switzerland in 1994 to study hotel management.

During my last profession as Head of Retail at Swarovski, I was responsible for managing 23 retail stores and their employees. I have 20 years of management experience with country responsibility and a team of over 200 employees.

Since this position required a lot of traveling, I myself was continuously seeking a flexible and homely run doggy day care with a pick up and drop off service for my 2 dogs. The offers were very diverse, and although each certainly good in their own way, I still could not find one that met my expectations. Out of a need that was very essential to me, my business concept “Loving Dogs” was born.

To my professional background I bring over 30 years of experience in dog sitting. Over the years I have had the opportunity to care for dogs of colleagues and friends during the holidays. In 2018 I completed my legal training requirements as a recognized FBA dog sitter and 510 hours experience at my local shelter. As my first Dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I started researching animal nutrition and health. Ever since I have started feeding my dogs a raw species appropriate diet not only have, I noticed that they lived longer, they were thriving! In 2019 I decided to get my certification as a nutrition consultant with a focus on BARF (Biologically appropriate raw food) for dogs and cats. I continuously attend courses on nutrition and health for dogs and cats and am personally very inspired and intrigued in this field.

My love for dogs started as soon as I could walk!

My parents cooked daily for street dogs in India, and I could feed them and thus a close and loving relationship between the dogs and me developed. During my childhood I was lucky to mingle with people from different cultures. I accompanied my aunt daily on her walks with her dogs, and later walked the neighbour’s dogs in Mumbai, London, and San Francisco. However, due to all this traveling having my own dog to love remained a dream.

Finally, in 1998 I fulfilled my longing and Benji, a beautiful Golden Retriever, enriched my life. He was my everything and gave me so much joy. In 2005 I decided to extend the family and Damian, also a golden retriever came in our life. Together we did everything and were inseparable! In 2011 Benji crossed the Rainbow Bridge after losing his battle to cancer. Damian and I were devastated. A few months later we welcomed another golden retriever, Bailey.

This was the defining moment when I decided to turn my personal passion into my profession and the concept of Loving Dogs was created.

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